Because Of One Facebook Post, This Young Family Lost Everything

Mark and Becky were an ordinary British couple that made an extraordinary mistake. They decided that they wanted to move to a new area that was closer to Mark’s job and when they finally found the right spot, they took to Facebook to find the proper removal service to assist them.

The company that she located seemed to very professional and when she contacted them, everything was on the up and up. Becky contacted one of the men who worked for the company and began to organize the move. Once the move was set up, two men arrived and had the apartment cleaned out within 45 minutes.

At first, the couple simply thought that they were being professional, but they would soon find out the horrible truth. When they left their old place to bring all of their worldly possessions to the new one, everything was gone and the “removal company” was nowhere to be found.

An entire lifetime’s worth of possessions vanished in the blink of an eye. The only thing that they have left now is their television, which they decided to transport on their own for safety’s sake.

Their baby’s toys and their engagement ring are now in the hands of these thieves and all it took was one well meaning Facebook post to change their lives forever. We hope that everyone who reads this story will do their homework on any removal service that they hire in the future and allow themselves to avoid this family’s cruel and unusual fate.

Please share this story with all of your friends and loved ones, so that awareness can be spread about these types of shifty and merciless “removal” companies. Be sure to all of your homework before entrusting your prized possessions to criminals going forward and avoid having the same experience as this unfortunate couple.

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