Once You Know What These Are, You’ll Never Look At This Animals The Same Way


For the most part, we tend to imagine baby foals as being some of the most adorable and cuddly animals in the world. We’ve allowed cartoons to effect the manner in which we view things of this nature and this leads to a great deal of confusion when we are forced to confront the true reality of these matters. There is much to learn when it comes to these majestic and adorable animals.

Have you ever actually seen a foal being born? Probably not, right? The miracle of life is certainly a sight to behold, but the hooves of a foal? Not so much. These tiny little capsules that look like something out of a science fiction movie nightmare sequences are actually attached to the cute creatures. While they are certainly gross to look at, the nauseating feeling begins to fade once you learn more about them.

When these animals are first born into the world, these capsules serve as a means of providing coverage for their hooves. They are made of a rubbery material and they are designed to keep their mothers from experiencing painful injuries when the sharp hooves scrape against the inside of the womb. The foal itself may even be injured by these sharp hooves during the birthing process.

The capsules are not destined to stand up over the long haul and once they have served their intended purpose, they are essentially unneeded. Most foals are able to start walking not long after birth and this is very helpful to their long term survival. Foals typically experience the presence of unwanted predators during the earliest stages of their existence.

Horse placenta is a scent that draws in predators and unless the baby horse and its mother are able to take off quickly, they are placed in an extreme amount of danger. Horse handlers speak of the capsules as being soft and squishy. This allows them to fall off of the hooves quickly and keep the baby foals from potentially becoming a sitting duck for would be threats.

Please share this awesome and informative story as soon as possible, so that your friends and family members can learn more about these fascinating foal facts. If you come across these capsules in the wild, don’t be freaked out. They are merely there for the protection of the foal (and their mother.) Share this story far and wide, everyone!

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